What Are You Wishing For?

Linda Hoenigsberg, LCPC, LMFT, DBTC

What are you wishing for?  The dandelion in my banner above represents all those things we have wished for…things we can be and things we can do.  I’m all about helping others become who they might have been.  It’s never too late.  If you have found yourself reading this page, chances are you are looking for something too.  All of us are.

Maybe you are looking to add something to your life, whether it is personal growth, expanded possibilities, or tapping in to your creative side.  Maybe you are hoping to let go of past hurts or triggering feelings from past traumatic events.  Maybe you would like help finding out how to manage what seems like a higher level of anxiety or depression than others you know.  Maybe you use methods of managing emotions that are unhealthy, such as bingeing or other self-harm behaviors.

Hello there!  My name is Linda Hoenigsberg and one of the strengths I bring to counseling is experience in overcoming a broken past.  I have helped many children, adolescents, college-age youth, and adults get unstuck and begin to learn new ways of connecting, managing, and rebuilding a life worth living.

It is very important that you find a counselor who is a right fit for you, so look around my website, and if you would like to meet with me for a consultation, please give me a call.


I am now working for Mind Spa Therapy in Helena, MT. I also conduct therapy sessions for Montana residents online. Please contact me if you are interested in this service!  You can reach me through Mind Spa at (406) 686-6463.

Contact me at:
Linda Hoenigsberg, LCPC, LMFT, DBTC · 25 S. Ewing Street, Suite 412 · Helena, MT 59601 · (406) 461-8717